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92 percent of Denver city employees have completed sexual harassment training

DENVER -- 92 percent of Denver city employees have completed sexual harassment training.

That updated was provided by Denver city officials to FOX31 and Channel 2 on Friday.

Back in March, the city announced a new sexual harassment training program.

While the training took place in the aftermath of sexual harassment allegations surrounding Mayor Hancock; the city has insisted the program was initiated months earlier.

To watch the harassment training video -- which features a message from the city attorney -- click this link. 

The City issued the following statement to FOX31:

"At the City and County of Denver, we are committed to providing a work environment that maintains employee equality, dignity and inclusion. One of our core values is to ensure that all employees can enjoy a workplace that is respectful and free from sexual harassment. Denver offers a robust system to listen and support its employees on a breadth of issues, including sexual harassment, which we take extremely seriously. We continue the important work of ensuring a respectful workplace free from harassment and discrimination in any form. We recently launched a training course entitled “Respectful Workplace – Sexual Harassment Prevention” and constantly look for ways to support our employees."