Aggressive driving increases during summer; how to avoid drama on roads

DENVER — The temperature is getting hotter and so are tempers on the road.

The Coloroado State Patrol tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers they see an increase in aggressive driving complaints during the summer months due to more tourists on the roads.

Road ragers don’t’ seem to care who they target, including the police.

Trooper Gary Cutler says, “People come up going way too fast, get on my bumper, I just move it over and let them go by and then I can call our guys.”

Law enforcement officers say the most common form of road rage is tailgating or aggressively passing to get ahead in heavy traffic.

Cutler warns, “getting one or two cars ahead is not going to do anything so you have a better chance of running into someone, whether it`s a fender bender or something more serious.”

Police say if you’re prone to road rage, leave 15 minutes early so backups aren’t such an issue.

Police say you can avoid tempting road ragers by staying out of the left lane if you’re not passing anyone.

The State Patrol emphasizes that you should never go after an aggressive driver. “We have had people call up and say ‘I`m after this person. I`m staying up with them and we`re doing speeds of 100 miles per hour.'”

Instead, if you see an aggressive driver just get the make, model and license plate of the car and the direction the driver is headed. Safely pull over and report the incident to police, they’ll take it from there.

On Colorado highways, you can report an aggressive driver by calling *CSP (*277).

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