Dog the Bounty Hunter on his business, and mistakes that frighten innocent citizens

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DENVER -- After we heard about bounty hunters knocking on the wrong door, we went straight to one of the most famous bounty hunters of all – Dog the Bounty Hunter - to learn more about how mistakes are sometimes made.

Duane “Dog” Chapman was born in Colorado and has a bail bond office in Edgewater.

Bounty hunters – he says - sometimes knock on wrong doors.

“Everybody makes mistakes ... they’re following a lead. The guy knocked on the wrong door. Big deal,” Chapman said.

Dog says bounty hunters go from state to state chasing people on the run.

Bounty hunters are authorized by courts to arrest fugitives who fail to show up in court.

Dog trained under a woman who some call the Queen of Bail.

Mary Ellen Pollock owns a bail bond agency in Brighton and is a bounty hunter herself.

Pollock says she always lets police know when she’s looking for someone.

"I’ve trained my people to do the same thing. Any jurisdiction you go in to you call the police and let them know you're there .. .what kind of car you're driving. What’s going on and why you're there. Period.”

That may be the reason, she says, police may not answer calls about strangers knocking on doors.

Pollock says she identifies the company she’s working for and who she’s after.

She believes bail bonds are a deterrent to crime.

Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter says, "85 percent of fugitives everyday are arrested by bounty hunters. Not that the cops aren’t less intelligent because they’ve got other things to do.”

Not a perfect system, bounty hunters say.

But one they believe works.

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