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Puppy covered in permanent marker messages abandoned in Ohio park

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio — A puppy was covered in messages written in permanent marker and then abandoned at a park in Ohio.

The puppy, a 5- to 6-month-old female is a Labrador mix and was left at a park near the Ross County Humane Society, WSYX reports. 

Facebook user Brittany May, who said she works with the humane society, posted about the puppy on Friday, with photos showing words including “free” and “good home only” written on her body in black marker.

The humane society on Monday gave an update on the puppy named Marvella.

She was given a bath to remove as much marker as possible and spent the day in the shelter’s office getting treats and attention.

She’ll be available for adoption later this week, and the humane society said “she has had so many applications for her that we are positive she will find a loving forever home.”

“Please keep in mind that shelters all over the country, including ours, are full of dogs that were given away as ‘free’ or otherwise abandoned,” the humane society wrote. “They all deserve loving forever homes.”