‘All you have is your reputation:’ Owner of nightclub near deadly shooting speaks out

AURORA, Colo. -- Rob Seeba heard sirens in the middle of the night, and saw the crime scene Sunday morning.

“It’s scary,” he says. “It’s kind of like the shootout at the OK Corral.”

Seeba says he’s never seen any problems in the shopping center before, but says the parking lot is often full of cars on the weekend because of The Kasbah Club, a nightclub near where the shooting happened.

“It’s pretty quiet,” he says. “You see the traffic come in and go, but that’s about it.”

The owner of The Kasbah Club says rumors that a fight spilled out from the bar moments before the shooting are not true. He showed FOX31 surveillance video, which shows people peacefully leaving the club around 1:50 a.m. Police say the shooting happened around 2:10 a.m.

“There was an argument between two guys, there was an argument, but they kind of squashed it,” says Shelton Bouknight. “We said you know what, go home. So everybody was getting in their cars, security made sure everybody got in their cars, we close the door, and the parking lot was clear. About 20 minutes later as the DJ was leaving, he comes in and says ‘man somebody just got shot around the corner.’”

Aurora Police would not comment on whether the individuals involved in the argument were involved in the shooting.

Bouknight has owned the club for 21 years, and says they’ve always been community-oriented.

“All you have is your reputation,” he says. “Security’s always got to be a concern in this type of business. It’s not a dangerous place. It’s a safe place, and we want to keep it safe.”