Where to camp during Memorial Day weekend without a reservation

DENVER -- A beautiful Memorial Day weekend means thousands will be camping IN Colorado. If you wanted to go as well but thought to yourself, “where? Everything is booked!” There is still hope.

It’s not Cherry Creek State Park, that’s for sure. But take heart dear camper, we’ve got good news.

You’ve got the gear, now you just need the ground. If your idea of getting away from it all is pitching a tent with hundreds of neighbors, well, a state park would fit the bill. Darryl Anderson booked his spot at Cherry Creek State Park, “six months, six months ago.“ That’s one way to do it. If you want to camp here next year your best bet is to book your spot now.

National parks offer camping as well, but they are restricted and will cost around $25 a night. They are also very coveted.

So just where in Colorado can you camp on this memorial day weekend?

National forests are available. Colorado has more national forests than any other state except for Alaska. There are a total of 11 national forests in Colorado where you can camp. No reservations are needed and it’s free.

It’s called dispersed camping. There are no designated campgrounds, no toilets and no neighbors.

For Darrell Anderson at Cherry Creek State Park he feels lucky to have secured such a coveted camping spot.

The two closest national forests to Denver are Arapaho National Forest and Pike National Forest.

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