Finders of lost iPad hope to reunite the device with owner via social media

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DENVER -- A Denver couple has been trying for more than a month now to reunite a lost iPad with the owner.

They posted a family photo found on the home screen to social media, but no takers yet. The couple tells the Problem Solvers they found they device on a light rail train and figured the best way to keep it safe was to hold onto it themselves until the owners use the 'find my iPad' feature. But, that has yet to happen and it's been about a month.

"My husband was headed home from work and somebody left it on the seat so he picked it up thinking that he would return it to its owner. we figured it was safer than him leaving it on the light rail."

The couple who found the Ipad do not want to be identified. Their goal is to find someone who recognizes the family from the photo. The Ipad won't connect to WiFi and the 'Siri' feature has been turned off. However, the device is named 'Kelly' when it pops up on WiFi.

After a month-long search, turning to social media and spending hours posting the photo on different social media accounts, they still are holding onto the device.

"We started on NextDoor, we posted the picture that's on the wall paper on NextDoor, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram."

RTD officials told the couple it's too late to help because there will be no record of anyone calling looking for the iPad. Officials there tell the Problem Solvers anyone who finds a lost device should turn it into the driver right away or into the lost and found at Civic Center station.

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