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Vet helps dog with 3 broken legs that was thrown from overpass

SOUTH ELGIN, Ill. -- Dr. Adam Conroy has seen a lot of injured animals at his Illinois veterinarian practice, but one in particular topped the list.

Trinity, just 7 months old, had three broken legs when she was found Sunday afternoon near the Kentucky-Illinois border, according to WGN.

“The gentleman said she was lying flat right in the middle of the road at the overpass he had said someone must have thrown her over the overpass for her to land where she did,” said Cynthia Guzman, with the K-9 Enrichment Initiative.

“You can imagine you land on all fours, the bones can only take so much. Hit by a car, I would expect more contusions and abrasions,” Conroy said.

A good Samaritan pulled over, picked up Trinity and took her home. A few phone calls later, a rescue group in Plainfield, Illinois, took the puppy and started looking for help.

“I spoke with probably a dozen different vets and got the same answer that well it will be $10,000 to $12,000 to fix the legs,” Guzman said.

Conroy's office was contacted and he decided to take on the case for free.

"The reality is the majority of people would see the financial burden and probably put them down and in some cases this is going to be a lot of work on our hands but to give this dog a fighting chance and take the financial burden out of it this is why we do it,” Conroy said.

On Wednesday, Conroy operated on two of Trinity’s legs and on Thursday he'll repair the third.

“It makes me sick. These are the people I wish they would find the person. I doubt it's going to happen. I can't control that. I can control where we're at now," he said.

"I can fix this, make it better and then I picture this guy running around four months from now and those post-op videos will be great.

It will be a long road ahead for Trinity. The K-9 Enrichment Initiative has a GoFundMe page to raise money for a custom-made cart with wheels so Trinity can get around, as well as for physical therapy.

Eventually, they will be looking for a forever home for her.