‘FedEx follower’ examines package left on porch, then departs

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- On Monday, a Highlands Ranch resident who is a police officer and will remain anonymous, decided to install a few security cameras around his home.

“I bought them from the Home Shopping Network, it comes with two cameras.“ he said.

It only took a few hours to install, just another link in the chain of security.

“This front camera on the garage covers from my neighbor's yard to my right, and the neighbor's yard to the left."

Within 24 hours of installing the security cameras, the homeowner got an eyeful.

“This is the guy walking up, checking out the package right after the FedEx delivery man dropped the package,” he describes as he watches a the video on his smartphone.

Right there, in living color, and broad daylight, our purple clad "FedEx follower" actually passes the FedEx man. He even appears to say "hi" on the way to the porch.

The homeowner contacted the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

“They said there were some recent packages that have been stolen just in the apartments right outside my neighborhood," he said.

It’s more strange what the purple-clad FedEx follower did not do: He did not take the package.

So, no crime was committed and no further action will be coming from law enforcement in this case.

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