Denver family thanks first responders who saved their lives

DENVER -- A family has just thanked the men and women who saved their lives. A family that was severely injured in a car crash last year off I-70 has made it their mission to thank everyone who responded to the call that day.

Paramedics at Denver Health say they respond to about 800 calls a year and can count on one hand how many times they get a thank you.

They say the greatest gift is when the people they see at their worst, come back at their best just to say thank you.

“We just wanted to make sure that you knew, you changed our lives, and helped them, so we really appreciate all of you guys,” Tiffany Crump said.

Tiffany is the mom of two girls who are alive because of the great work of the first responders. Back in September, two teenagers and their dad were hit on I-70. Everyone was taken to the hospital. The youngest child is 12 years old, she broke just about every bone on her face.

“From, the top jaw, all the way up. cracked her skull,” Crump said.

The oldest was left with multiple cuts and bruises.

“It replays in my mind daily,” Crump said. “The call I got, he thought that my children were dead.”

Crump's children are perfectly fine now, and that's why the whole family made it a point to thank the team that made it all possible.

“This job can be very hard, and then you get to see the good and remember why you’re doing this, it’s amazing," paramedic Jennifer Lockwood said.

The family gave out cards as well. It's the same thing they did when they went to thank the police officers and firefighters who responded to the crash.

“We’ll never take another day for granted,” Crump said.

The two girls who were injured came up with the idea to thank everyone that helped them survive the crash.

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