Colorado man recounts car collision with moose that sent him to hospital

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Two run-ins on the road with wildlife in Jefferson County happened in just 24 hours. A woman hit a mountain lion on Highway 285 Thursday morning and Wednesday morning another woman hit a bear on I-70 near mile marker 251.

Additionally, two people recounted stories of their recent collisions with moose on Highway 125 in north central Colorado.

One man shared details on the terrifying moments after he woke up bleeding from the head.

David Greene said the collision happened at the end of April. He nearly lost his life to the animal.

"I hit him full speed, didn't even see him," said Green. "I swerved into a ditch but I don’t remember any of it. I swerved off the west side of the highway and hit the willows and landed on the passenger side."

Greene said he was totally knocked out after impact. The next thing he knew he was in a helicopter on the way to a hospital and bleeding from the brain. Another driver called 911 when he found him in the ditch off Highway 125.

"It took the whole roof and peeled it back into the driver's head rest of my seat," said Greene.

His car was totaled. He ended up with 40 stitches and doctors told him he was nearly scalped.

"It can happen anytime to anyone, so you need to pay attention and slow down, said Greene.

This isn't the first time it happened either. Greene said he hit a smaller moose in the past and was able to slam on the brakes when he saw the animal ahead.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials, that's the best thing to do. Hit the brakes hard and don't try to swerve around the animal.

"Animals have a very quick reaction time and they can turn on a dime and change direction, so you do not want to try to swerve around an animal," said Rebecca Ferrell, CPW Spokesperson.

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