South Carolina pawn shop pokes fun at Dick’s Sporting Goods on sale of AR-15’s

LITTLE RIVER, S.C. — A South Carolina pawn shop trolled Dick’s Sporting Goods about the sale of AR-15 assault-style rifles.

WPDE reports the sign at CrossRoads Pawn and Audio reads, “We sell AR-15’s because we’re not Dick’s.”

In February, Dick’s announced it would no longer sell the weapons and would increase the minimum age for all gun sales to 21 years old in response to the deadly shooting at a Florida High School.

Several gun manufacturers then severed ties with the company.

Barbara Davey, a manager at the pawn shop, said the sign was a marketing idea. But some residents told the station the sign was offensive.

“It’s disgusting, owners are $$$$ hungry,” Kenneth Kane said.

“Besides being crass, it’s completely tone deaf considering it’s proximity to the high school and the timing of the latest school shooting massacre. I feel bad for the students who have to drive by it every day,” Kate Martin said.

But many others are supporting the shop.

“I love it, it’s funny and gets the point across,” Tonia Shell said.

Davey told the station that the positive feedback has outweighed the negative.

“I think they are upset because we are, you know, in a somewhat close proximity to the high school,” Davey told the station. “But in no way do we advocate or support the tragedies that are going on in this country.”