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Los Angeles TV reporter mixes up Rockies players in hilarious interview

LOS ANGELES — Rockies rookie Noel Cuevas joined a Los Angeles television station on Monday — but the reporter thought he was interviewing Carlos Gonzalez.

KTLA reporter David Pingalore introduced Cuevas as “Carlos Gonzalez,” Cuevas gave the reporter an odd look and then Pingalore begins talking about hot dogs and bringing up their Orlando, Florida roots.

“I’m not Carlos,” Cuevas said as he put his hand on the reporter’s shoulder and laughed about the hilarious moment.

The reporter, who was pretty stunned, looked at Cuevas’ No. 56 jersey and apparently only saw the No. 5, which is Gonzalez’s number.

“Looks just like him,” Pingalore said. “That is a live TV moment right there.”

Sometimes live TV can be rough, folks.