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Dozens of tires slashed at Westminster apartment complex

WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- It's the nightmare that never ends.

Residents of a Westminster apartment complex wake up not once, but twice, to find their tires slashed.

It's now happened to more than two dozen residents of the Sunset Ridge Apartments off of Sheridan Boulevard.

"One of my neighbors over there, he had three slashed," said one resident.

"Who would do that to somebody?" asked another.

Some families have been targeted twice, spending hundreds of dollars having their tires repaired.


"I'm way worried. Last night I slept with my window open and every little noise I kept waking up my husband saying there's somebody outside! There's somebody outside!" said one woman who asked not to be identified.

Kelly Kingry's family has been targeted twice. First it was his vehicle. This past Sunday a tire on his daughter's car was slashed.

"It's totally senseless. I don't understand people today, why they have to go tear up people's property," Kingry said. "Nobody sees them. I don't know what time they come through.

So far the vandalism always occurs on Sundays.


"It seems like it's going to be every Sunday. It's like the Sunday slashers you know," said Kassie Johnson, a tenant at Sunset Ridge.

Westminster Police are investigating, but they say they have only received six reports. Kelly Kingry hopes more folks will come forward because he's tired of buying tires.

"There's no sense in spending $800 on a new set of tires if it's just going to happen," he said.

He and others worry it's only a matter of time until the vandals return again.

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