Independent craft brewer seal will tell you if beer is authentically craft

DENVER -- Colorado is home to hundreds of craft breweries and many people want to support the local craft brewing scene so the Brewer's Association has created a certified craft brewer seal.

The seal on beer will let beer lovers know if a beer is authentically craft and not owned by one of the big beer companies. At a brewery, the seal could be by the door while at the store the seal can be found on the cans, bottles, or packaging.

The independent craft brewers seal will let customers know if their beer is authentically craft beer.

There are currently 348 craft breweries in Colorado and the industry has a $3 billion economic impact in the state. To date more than 75 percent of small independent brewing companies in Colorado have signed on to use this seal.

The association defines craft brewers as having an annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less and less than a quarter ownership by an industry giant.

Chris Bell, the owner at Call to Arms Brewing Company, knows Coloradans love craft beer and say there are lots of advantages to supporting the local breweries.

"It's diversity. It's all different kinds of styles," Bell told FOX31 and Channel 2. "We can be more experimental - we have the room to try new and different things all the time and be at the cusp of new and inventive areas of the market."