Fort Morgan city manager arrested for alleged assault on daughter

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FORT MORGAN, Colo. — The city manager of Fort Morgan, Jeff Wells, was arrested for alleged assault on his daughter Saturday.

The City of Fort Morgan issued a statement on their official Facebook page saying they are aware of the arrest but have no further information on the case.

According to the Fort Morgans Time, Jeff Wells was taken into custody for third degree assault on his daughter in his city-owned vehicle.

Details surrounding the arrest indicate that Wells picked up his daughter from his ex-wife’s house and was “triggered into fury” when his daughter refused to fasten her seat belt.

Wells reportedly intentionally slammed on his brakes repeatedly, throwing his daughter into the dash and windshield. Wells refused to let his daughter out of the car when she asked and continued to forcefully push the brakes on the city-owned car.

According to the district attorney that led the investigation, Wells’ daughter called police when she was able to escape the car but she was “sobbing horrifically and couldn’t speak,” but police were able to talk with the girl’s boyfriend.

Wells’ daughter was taken to the hospital where it was determined she had suffered a light concussion. No report was filed at the time.

“There was no report generated from the Fort Morgan Police Department, and the command staff was instructed to remain quiet about what happened,” the district attorney, Brittny Lewton, said.

“The way the police department was acting was very strange from the very beginning” she said and pointed out that Wells has “direct control” of the Fort Morgan Police Department.

Lewton said that interviews with Wells’ children revealed claims of multiple instances of abuse, both past and present. Wells’ oldest daughter contacted the Department of Human Services in 2017, reporting concerns that her father was sexually abusing her younger brothers.

Claims of sexual abuse of a child were determined to be “unfounded” but prompted further investigation into Wells’ behavior.

Lewton said that interviews with the children were “heart-shattering” and “all of the abuses that have been reported against Wells weren’t directly related to what we are arrested him for, but they provided our office with context that ultimately led to his arrest.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation was called in to assist with the investigation and took the city manager’s car. The district attorney interviewed Wells and his lawyer but, according to Lewton, “they basically berated us the whole interview.”

Wells’ attorney claims the investigation is biased and neither he nor his client received a copy of the warrant “after asking for it repeatedly.”

Wells’ attorney, Brian Bagley, said the claims are “really just politics and the fact that they would arrest him on a Saturday morning during his daughter’s graduation is completely ridiculous.”

Fort Morgan city clerk and public information officer John Brennan will serve as the acting city manager.

Wells is expected to be in court on Monday and is being held without bond.

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