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Chatfield High School graduate with cerebral palsy walks across stage

LITTLETON, Colo. -- When Carson Covey was born, his family knew his life would be full of challenges.

The Littleton teenager has cerebral palsy. However, he has never allowed the condition to define him.

"His whole entire life, [he] has wanted to be treated like everyone else," Covey's mother Theresa Major said.

Covey once helped the Chatfield High School football team score a touchdown. He graduated from the school on Thursday at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Two years before the graduation, Covey told his twin sister he had a special goal for the ceremony.

"He said he wanted to walk across the stage," said Brynne Covey.

Brynne, who also graduated on Thursday, was committed to making her brother's dream come true.

Carson went to countless hours of therapy to prepare.

On Thursday, with the help of a walker, Carson fulfilled his dream and he walked across the stage at Red Rocks to receive his diploma.

"I was holding my camera. I thought I would take some video and pictures. And I was so overwhelmed, I just put my phone down and bawled into my husband’s shoulder," Theresa said.

"The feel of anticipation quickly turned into amazing," Carson said through his computer. "So, I feel like it was empowering. For two years, I have been working at this," he added.

"I really do believe that was what he was trying to tell us: 'Hey, stop being lazy and get after it'," Carson's coach Bret McGatlin said.