Major street repaving project leads to detours, delays in downtown Denver

DENVER -- A major street repaving project is underway in downtown Denver. The project will last through the summer and will lead to detours and delays.

In all, 100 blocks in downtown are being repaved. It's the largest repaving project in the area in 15 years.

The city is spending $27 million on the long overdue project. Of that, $1.2 million is being funded by marijuana taxes collected by the city.

The work is happening during the day and the city said it has done extensive planning to avoid any of the traffic nightmares a major project like this could create.

"Our crews are working on each street as quickly as possible to minimize impact to traffic and residents," said Heather Burke with Denver Public Works.

"The work was scheduled to avoid impact to Rockies games and special events."

The work is done from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and will last through mid-September.

The city of Denver's website has a schedule of when and where repaving is taking place.