Family wants former detective caught with evidence in storage unit to serve time

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FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. -- A family is asking a district attorney to put a detective in jail for mishandling evidence in the death of a 17-year-old girl.

The detective is scheduled to appear in a courtroom in Fremont County on Friday and the victim’s family fears he’ll serve no jail time.

The teenager's killer has never been caught.

The family believes the detective who was caught storing crucial evidence in the case needs to serve time behind bars.

Candace Hiltz was found dead in her family’s home in Copper Gulch about 30 miles from Canon City 11 years ago.

"It’s one of the hardest things cause you have so many different theories and not knowing who it was or who it could have been," Hiltz's sister-in-law said.

Sixteen months ago, evidence from the scene was found in a public storage unit that once belonged to Fremont County Sheriff's Det. Robert Dodd.

Among the items were a bloody rope, an ax and manila evidence envelopes containing blood soaked socks.

"I just want it known to the public and everybody that something’s going on and maybe look into and figure out what’s going on," said George Hiltz, Candace Hiltz's brother.

Dodd was accused of official misconduct and abuse of public records.

But now the family believes he will make a plea and avoid serving any time in jail or be forced to answer tough questions.

"Why would he take those things? ... To me the whole thing from Day 1 has been a conspiracy and the and the answers that I need I will never find in Fremont County," said Dolores Hiltz, the victim's mother.

The Fremont County district attorney did not return calls seeking comment.

The victim’s sister, Heather Hiltz, said the family is disgusted with the investigation.

It is not clear if the former detective will be present for the hearing.

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