Big names — and Hollywood celebrities — contributing to Colorado governor’s race

DENVER -- The race for governor in Colorado is heating up.

Already $15 million has been spent -- shattering the total amount spent in the last governor's election.

So who are the big names donating?

  • Felicity Huffman and WH Macy: $5,000 to Michael Johnston's PAC Frontier Fairness.
  • Michael Bloomberg: $1 million to Michael Johnston's PAC Frontier Fairness.
  • Mitt Romney: $25,000 to his nephew Doug Robinson's PAC.
  • Bush family: President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush and Gov. Jeb Bush have made donations to Walker Stapleton. When you factor in all the Bushes, more than $10,000 has been donated to Stapleton's campaign and PAC.
  • John Elway: $10,000 to Walker Stapleton's PAC.

Who has spent the most of their own money?

Jared Polis wins this hands down. According to campaign records, Polis has spent over $6.3 million of his own fortune.

Victor Mitchell has loaned his campaign $3 million.

Stapleton has spent $260,000 of his own money running for governor.

Who is struggling and secretly succeeding?

Donna Lynne has raised more than $300,000 -- the least among Democrats.

Greg Lopez has struggled the most of all candidates. The Republican has only raised $23,000.

Cary Kennedy continues to raise money -- not from major celebrities but from many labor unions. She raised more than $800,000 in the latest filing -- the most of any candidate.