Newly discovered text found in Dead Sea Scrolls

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DENVER — Ten fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls are currently on display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They arrived at a time when certain mysteries surrounding the scrolls are being uncovered.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the oldest known copies of the Hebrew Bible.

This month the Israel Antiquities Authorities announced new technology designed for NASA, which uses advanced imaging, helped decipher text on the scrolls that had never been seen before.

“So it’s through this technique that allows you to see things that the human eye cannot see,” explained Robert Payo with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. “The technology just raises the bar to another level”.

Part of the newly discovered information hints at the existence of a scroll that hasn’t been discovered yet, as well as unseen scripture fragments.

The Dead Sea Scroll exhibit will remain at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science through September.

To learn more about the discoveries and to see the exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, select ‘play’ on the video above and watch Kevin Torres’ Unique 2 Colorado series. If you have a story idea that’s Unique 2 Colorado, message Kevin Torres on Facebook.

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