Man approaching women to ask about their cars puts Denver neighborhood on alert

DENVER -- When it happens once, it's strange.

However, neighbors in Athmar Park are "creeped out" after learning what happened to them happened to others.

A 17-year-old named "Ariana" claims she was sitting in her car when an older man approached. She says she cracked open her window and he proceeded to ask her about her car, a BMW.

"It seemed kind of weird. It was scary," she said. "He was really old that's what made it creepy," she said.

Ariana's aunt noticed what was happening and walked outside the family's home. The man abruptly left and drove away.

"I was thankful that nothing happened to me and that my auntie got there," she said.

Ariana now knows what happened to her also happened to others.

A woman named Casey posted on the Athmar Park Nextdoor page about an encounter she recently had. She says she also was approached by an older gentleman asking questions about her car.

Casey says the man told her, "I've always wanted to work for Honda but have never driven one," and then proceeded to try and open her door.

Before he could, however, the woman sped away.

Casey then saw the man parked outside her home again a few weeks ago and snapped several pictures.

At least two other women have also responded saying they were also approached by a man matching the same description.

The man is described as being older with gray hair and glasses. Witnesses say he drives a green, Honda Accord Wagon with Colorado plates.

Police are investigating.