Reports shows how much does typical downtown Denver resident makes

DENVER -- The 2018 State of Downtown Denver Report was released Wednesday -- providing statistics as to who is living, working and visiting downtown Denver.

The downtown area represents the area north of 6th in the Golden Triangle; east of the Pepsi Center; west of Coors Field; and south of I25.

Some of the more interesting numbers: 

  • New record of 133,500 people work downtown
  • New record average hotel rate is $186/night
  • 23,000 live downtown – tripled since 2000
  • Average household income is $120,000
  • Average home costs $583,000
  • Average age of downtown resident is 34 years old
  • 81% are non family homes
  • 76% White; 8% Hispanic

"It's an exciting day for downtown Denver -- we've been able to report on the State of Downtown Denver - we have a record number of residents, record number of jobs downtown, record number of downtown visitors. Downtown…it's just great momentum," Randy Thelen, VP of Economic Development for the Downtown Denver Partnership said.