Homeowners, businesses tired of cleaning up human waste from streets

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DENVER – Homeowners and businesses across the city are complaining about a growing problem piling up on the streets and sidewalks.

People are going to the bathroom outside and not cleaning it up.

“Two or three days a week, maybe more, there are urine puddles,” FOX31 building manager Jim Allen said. “You think you’re picking up a towel and solid waste finds itself in front of you and so at that point it’s get the shovel time and a bag and pick it up.”

He says the problem has been getting worse over the last five years and there are always more messes to clean up when the weather is warmer.

“Usually I’ll wait for it a couple days because it has to dry out a little bit and I have to attack it on a cool morning. Don’t want to do this on a hot afternoon,” he said. “I used to get really creeped out by it. Not so much anymore. I’ve gotten used to it.”

But, people across the city are fed up.

“It makes the area around my house stink,” Adam Seader said.

He owns a condo in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and says the alley behind his home has turned into a toilet.

“I go back quite often, put on gloves and a long sleeve shirt,” he said. “I definitely didn’t sign up for this whenever I purchased my condo.”

The city will clean up human waste left on public property. Many people complain though that it happens so often no one can keep up.

“For sure it’s a problem. They leave their mess behind them. Worse than an irresponsible dog owner,” Seader said.

If you live in Denver and are having a similar problem in your neighborhood, you can call 311 to report it and get help cleaning it up.

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