Man charged with six counts of attempted murder for ‘shootup’ of Denver police post

Source: Denver District Attorney

DENVER — The Denver district attorney charged a man with six counts of attempted murder-extreme indifference on Friday. Kairo Alejandres-Vizcaino, 21, is suspected of  shooting at a Denver Police Department command post in southwest Denver.

On May 5, Alejandres-Vizcaino allegedly shot into the command post near the intersection of Federal Boulevard and Arkansas Avenue. There were officers inside at the time.

When officers began pursuing Alejandres-Vizcaino, he tried to get away and drove into a stop sign before crashing into a police vehicle, according to the DA. The suspect was then arrested. He also faces one count of vehicular eluding for the attempted escape.

A semi-automatic handgun was found in Alejandres-Vizcaino’s car.

He is scheduled to appear in court the morning of May 15.