Principal at Texas school stops giving birthday spankings after parents complain

ALVORD, Texas — A Texas elementary school is ending a questionable tradition following complaints from parents. The principal at Alvord Elementary School used to give students spankings on their birthdays.

Principal Bridget Williams had been spanking students for eight years before two parents complained. According to Dallas News, students had the choice to receive a high-five or hug instead. However, most students did not opt out of the spanking.

In April, after the parents complained, a letter was sent to students’ parents explaining the ability for students to choose a hug or high-five.

“When we celebrate each child and their special day all parties are in the main office in front of the camera,” the letter read. “There are no off-camera celebrations and there are always other adults in the office celebrating with us all.”

While many parents voiced their support of the tradition, the Alvord Independent School District’s superintendent, Dr. Randy Brown, told Dallas TV station KTVT in a statement that the principal “decided on her own account to discontinue the tradition.”

“It’s a birthday. It’s one, two, three, whatever. And one to grow on. Now, if they had a board beating them, that’s a different story,” said Martha Pippin, the grandparent of an Alvord Elementary student.

“I think it’s a fun tradition. My kids love it. They always look forward to it,” said parent Lana Simmons.

Williams will now give students a hug or high-five on their birthday.

“We’re a small-town community. We have each other’s backs. People that move here from the big city — they don’t realize and they’re not used to this,” said parent Heather Redder.

Alvord is located about one hour northwest of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.