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Local Korean-Americans react to meeting of Korean leaders

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- As President Trump has now finalized a meeting with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore next month, local Korean-Americans are hopeful this could be a potential breakthrough toward denuclearization.

One Korean-American who lives in Colorado says he hopes this will finally open the gates between the North and South.

Christopher Yi, now proud owner of Elite Marshal Arts in Broomfield, immigrated to Colorado in 1988 from South Korea.

"I see many conflict, even [in] the same town. People ... have different thinking, different feelings," said Yi.

He still has family ties in South Korea so his eyes are always focused on what's happening in his home country.

"I was surprised and happy. I’m really excited. At the same time I'm hopeful this is the one  big step and they open the gates between North Korea and South," he said.

He hopes this meeting of the minds will bring unification to Korea.

"We’ve already experienced how tragedy and war are not good answers, no matter what their political philosophy, war is not good. But for our next generation they haven’t seen and haven’t experienced this. I hope it will end and those young children can learn from past history to not make the same happen," said Yi.