Denver Post in crisis mode; reporters travel to New York to protest

DENVER - Monday’s edition of the Denver Post looked the same as similar editions. A mix of well written articles, pithy commentary, and lighthearted features.

Behind the scenes however it is a story of news paper in crisis.

In the last few day, the Post has lost three of their top editors including Chuck Plunkett, the longtime editor of the editorial page.

Plunkett resigned his position last week after Alden Capital, the owner of the Post, refused to publish his editorial on why the newspaper needed to be sold.

Now Denver Post reporters have traveled to New York City to visit the corporate offices of Alden Capital personally.

“We don’t stand for censorship at the Denver Post, I don’t think any journalist should stand for censorship,” Elizabeth Hernandez, a Post Reporter, said.

Hernandez has traveled to New York Cory along with other journalists to “raise noise” with the hopes of scheduling a meeting with Alden Capital.

“We would love to meet with them - we would love to chat, I don’t know if that is going to happen but we are going to try,” Hernandez said.

A public protest is scheduled outside Alden’s New York offices on Tuesday.

Public Calls by Post reporters for Alden to sell the Newspaper began when it was announced 30 Post staffers would lose their jobs earlier this year.

“We are losing some great talent, we are all pretty demoralized right now but we are banding together to fight for our community and for our readers,” Hernandez said.

The cuts were announced after the Denver Post sold space and moved journalists out of a downtown skyscraper. The cuts were also announced after the Post announced readers of the online edition would have to pay a subscription.

Monday over 50 Post reporters signed their name to a letter by the Denver Newspaper Guild asking for Alden to sell.

To add insult to injury, it was announced Monday more cuts may be coming to the Denver Post. A request for comment by Alden was not returned.