Man arrested for attempted murder in Boulder also led police on manhunt last year

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BOULDER, Colo. — Police have arrested a man on a second-degree attempted murder charge after they spent a week tracking him down.

Kaylob Marrs, 22, was arrested in Golden Friday night, according to a statement from Boulder police released Saturday.

Marrs’ attempted murder charge stems from an incident that happened on April 27. Police said that afternoon, he was at the Orchard Grove Mobile Park in Boulder. He drove up next to the vehicle of the victim, who was dropping someone off inside the mobile home park.

“An argument began and then Marrs held a handgun outside the window and fired a shot towards the victim’s vehicle. The bullet struck the vehicle, the victim left the scene at a high rate of speed and called the police,” Boulder police said in the statement.

The department said investigators spent the last week tracking Marrs throughout the Denver metro area before finding and arresting him in Golden.

Marrs and David Gerardo Fuentes-Fuentes were arrested in January of last year in Boulder for stealing and crashing a car before leading police on a three-hour manhunt. It involved 35 deputies, officers from the Boulder Police Department and SWAT team members.

Records show Marrs now faces a number of other charges in addition to the one for attempted murder, including criminal attempt and escape from felony conviction.

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