Vegas musician performs for Boulder kids after receiving heartfelt messages

BOULDER, Colo. -- Las Vegas performer Roy LeBlanc faced one of the greatest challenges of his life when he watched his partner of more than 20 years slowly die from cancer.

“She had neuroendacrine carcinoma," said LeBlanc of his partner, Vickie Pieper.

In September 2017, LeBlanc reached out on Facebook seeking comfort for Vicky.

“I just wanted to share my journey. I shared the hard stuff -- the stuff people don’t usually share," he said.

The response was overwhelming. In two weeks, the couple received more than 600 cards from around the world.

50 of those cards came from Creekside Elementary School in Boulder.

"Each of those 50 cards were handmade and personalized to my honey, Vickie. Vickie LOVED all those cards! It brought tears to her eyes," LeBlanc said in a post on his website. 

A short time later, in early October, Pieper passed away.

LeBlanc traveled to Boulder from his home in Las Vegas to thank the kids with a performance.

The third grade class enjoyed their private concert with LeBlanc and his acoustic guitar.

LeBlanc said all the love he received from the kids will help his show go on.