Women claim ‘miracle’ bracelet helps them get pregnant

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PARKER, Colo. -- Hundreds of women who struggled with infertility claim a bracelet worked better than thousands of dollars worth of fertility treatments.

Being a mother is something Becca Collinsworth always dreamed about. But like so many other women, her story didn’t turn out exactly the way she planned.

“I was pregnant with twins and we lost the twins,” she said.

She and her husband waited a few months before trying again, and again, and again.

“I had been trying all kinds of different things. If you Google there are a million supplements and foods you should try and yoga poses you should try,” she said.

“It was just taking months and months still and so it was just really hard going every month and just nothing happening.”

That’s when she says her sister found something called “Ava.”

“It kind of looks like an activity bracelet or a Fitbit or something like that,” Collinsonworth said.

The device costs $250 and promises to track a woman’s fertility in real time, leading to pregnancy faster.

“It tracks different physiological markers for you. So it tracks things like your heart rate, your resting pulse and other things and based off of those it knows when it thinks you're most fertile days will be,” she said.

After only a month of wearing the bracelet, Collinsworth was pregnant.

“Within just the first cycle of trying we got pregnant,” she said.

On April 2, she gave birth to her son, Liam.

“We’re thrilled. He’s the best little guy and we’re having a lot of fun with him,” she said. “I think just taking the stress out of tracking my cycles and ovulation and just going for it, that’s what did it.”

While Collinsworth said she can’t give all of the credit to the bracelet for her pregnancy, a lot of women do.

There are women all over the country who claim they spent more than $100,000 on in vitro fertilization treatments but didn’t become pregnant until they started using Ava.

“I know one woman who has had 27 miscarriages and she’s pregnant now with the bracelet and it’s going well,” Collinsworth said.

And many of those success stories reportedly involved no doctors and no tests.

“Now knowing all of these success stories I really think it is just a really cool piece of technology that a lot of women can benefit from,” Collinsworth said.

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