Broncos fan hates Tom Brady so much he got an Eagles Super Bowl tattoo

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DENVER — It’s no secret a lot of Broncos fans don’t like Tom Brady very much — but one fan took his hatred to a whole new level.

Jason Rump fan got a tattoo on his left thigh celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles’ 41-33 Super Bowl LII win over Brady and the New England Patriots.

Seriously. It’s real.

The tattoo features an Eagles logo, the date of the Super Bowl, and the caption “FYTB.”

It’s pretty obvious what “FYTB” acronym stands for. We’ll let you figure that one out.

Photos of the tattoo were tweeted by 104.3 FM sports radio host Zach Bye. The photos have since gone viral in the sports world.

Brady’s Patriots have been one of the Broncos’ biggest AFC rivals over the recent years.

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