Man helps 5 juveniles escape from Durango detention center

DURANGO, Colo. — A 21-year-old man has been arrested after reportedly helping five youth escape from a juvenile detention center in Durango.

Kent Moe is a regional executive director for Rite of Passage, which operates the Robert E. DeNier Youth Services Center.

He told The Durango Herald the man watched staff conduct perimeter searches early Friday afternoon and when they were not looking, cut the chain link fence, allowing five youth to escape.

They ran to the man’s car and drove off.

Archuleta County officials say law enforcement caught up with the car about 100 miles away near South Fork. The car stopped and the six fled.

They were eventually caught. The juveniles were taken back to the detention center in Durango, which is about 340 miles southwest of Denver.

Moe said about a dozen other juveniles had the opportunity to escape, but they remained at the facility.

The Durango Police Department has not identified the suspect.