Couple believed death was speeding toward them by big rig on a rampage

FORT MORGAN, Colo. -- A couple believed death was imminent as a semitruck sped at them head-on Saturday night during a rampage that went through two eastern Colorado counties.

Kenedi and Jordan Acosta were headed home when they saw police lights coming toward them.

Jordan Acosta was driving and pulled over to let them pass. The couple quickly realized a semitruck was in the middle of those patrol cars and was heading for the couple's Prius on the side of the road.

"He started going head-on at our car. Inches before he was almost head on with us, he swerved really fast and just took the whole side of our car instead," Kenedi Acosta said.

The semitruck struck the driver's side where Jordan Acosta was seated. He said his back is sore and he and his wife have bruises where the seat belt held them in.

Their Prius is likely totaled.

"I have never been that scared before. Never. Not even close," Jordan Acosta said.

Morgan County Sheriff Jim Crone said 29-year-old Christopher Dean Luedtke stole the semitruck in Sterling.

The chase that ensued covered two counties as Crone said Luedtke intentionally rammed into other drivers and patrol cars.

Crone said law enforcement fired rounds through the windshield at Luedtke. Crone said the pursuit ended when Luedtke jumped from the moving semitruck and tried to hide inside a home.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office said Luedtke is facing multiple charges of attempted first-degree murder, including attempted murder of a peace officer.

He's also facing first-degree assault as well as several other felony and misdemeanor charges related to the pursuit and ramming of civilian vehicles.

Luedtke was treated in a hospital, released and booked into the Morgan County Jail. A final listing of charges will be determined by the 13th Judicial District Attorney's Office.