Broomfield lunch lady needs a kidney

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- A beloved lunch lady from Holy Family High School in Broomfield is looking for a new kidney. She’s actually been looking for one for 17 years.

Amy Meyer has very high antibodies which has made it difficult for her to find a match.

“Out of 100 people I’ll maybe match with 1 or 2,” she said.

Meyer lives here in Colorado, but said the hospitals here don’t do too many high risk transplants, so she has to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to be evaluated. Meyer is on the kidney list there.

“Because of being on dialysis for so long I have had several other medical issues come up. I lost total sight in my left eye in January, and have had 2 toes amputated,” she said.

If you’re interested in helping Meyer or donating to her expensive medical travel, click here to learn more.