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Arvada car theft caught on camera

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Police need help tracking down car thieves who targeted an Arvada neighborhood.

Surveillance video shows the crooks in broad daylight ripping off a family. Then surprisingly the family confronts the suspected crooks.

“He backed up, tried to run me over and I got out of the way as he peeled out,” Dan Patino said.

With his adrenaline pumping, Patino got a good look at the man who reportedly stole his son’s car.

“They were pretty savvy and had a lot of guts doing what they were doing,” Patino said.

His son, Wayne, parked his 1992 Acura Integra at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, near Carr Street and West 52nd Avenue in Arvada.

But when they came outside Sunday at 5:30 a.m., the lot was empty.

“Wake up and it’s not there. You’re kind of dumbfounded,” Wayne Patino said.

Then the Patinos found hard evidence of the crime on their neighbor’s surveillance system.

“You hear drilling. They were drilling out the ignition and they’re trying to start it,” Patino said.

Unsuccessful in starting the car, in the surveillance video, the crooks are seen using a truck to push the car down Carr.

Angered after watching the video, the Patinos went searching for it. A short time later, they located it about a half-mile away at an apartment complex.

Police responded to take a report and dusted the vehicle for fingerprints, then left.

“As we were waiting for the tow, sure enough one of the suspects comes back,” Patino said.

Dan Patino captured the man’s license plate number on his cellphone as he sped off.

Although their son got his car back, the suspects did significant damage and found Wayne Patino’s bank statement.

“They totally took out the ignition, and the column of the car they drilled it out, and the items stolen -- the stereo system and personal items,” Patino said.

“When you actually put your money into it and save up for months, and you love that car -- it hurts,” Wayne Patino said.

Now the Patinos want to see the criminals off the streets.

“We want to find this guy bad. And you can’t run. You can’t steal something and run anymore. Not with the technology today,” Patino said.

The Patinos said the responding officer told them they took reports of other car thefts Sunday morning in the same area.

The Arvada Police Department said the three most popular makes and models of cars stolen around Denver are Honda Civics, Acuras and Ford pickup trucks.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 720-898-6509.

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