Georgetown Loop pulls into the station for the season

GEORGETOWN, Colo. -- The Georgetown Loop officially opened for the season on Saturday with more than 500 passengers climbing on board to celebrate.

The Georgetown Loop is a historic railroad route that runs between Georgetown and Silver Plume.

"People really enjoy this train, it’s a part of Colorado’s culture.  It goes a lot of years back," said Tom Hill, a spokesman for the railway.

In December, a car derailed on its tracks days before it closed for the season.

Hill said in the investigation that followed, officials haven't been able to figure out why two lug nuts went missing, causing it to derail.

The undercarriage of the car has been repaired and redesigned and will be back on the tracks in a few months.

Passengers said Saturday they were having a blast touring the mountain from the comfort of the historic train.

"When you are in the mountains, this is one of the things that is unbelievable," said Robert Carbone.

"I didn’t expect to be up this high. It’s definitely a different way to see the mountains," said Frederick Washington.

Hill said each of the cars are thoroughly inspected before the start of the season and then inspected two to three times throughout the season.

He said workers also check the undercarriage of each car daily.

There is an offer for two round-trip coach tickets on the Georgetown Loop Railroad for $27.