Suspect shot and killed by Denver police was wanted for multiple robberies

DENVER -- The suspect Denver police officers shot and killed at Colfax and Quebec earlier this week has been identified as Charles Boeh.

Police said Friday the 36-year-old was wanted for multiple robberies in Colorado and Missouri, including two in metro Denver on Monday.

Surveillance video showed him robbing a bank in Aurora.

Denver officers shot and killed him during a traffic stop Wednesday after Boeh tried ramming his way through traffic following an alleged armed robbery.

Investigators say he got trapped at a red light on Colfax and pointed a gun at officers. They opened fire and he died in the vehicle.

"Our policy is we don`t shoot into moving vehicles. It`s important to note the car came to a rest before shots were fired. And also, the policy is clear if you shoot into a car, the threat is more than a car ... the threat in this case was him armed with a gun," Denver Police Cmdr. Barb Archer said.

Denver Police Chief Robert White formed a citizens' advisory board to re-write the use of force policy after officers shot into a car and killed Jesse Hernandez three years ago.

Police don't believe Boeh fired his gun. The officers involved in the shooting are now on administrative leave, which is normal procedure during an investigation of this nature.

The district attorney will decide if the use of force was legally justified. The Denver Police Department will also conduct an internal review to see if the policy was followed.