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South Korean native remains optimistic but skeptical of talks between two countries

DENVER -- A South Korean native now living in Colorado said she is optimistic about the future of the two countries but remains skeptical of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

In historic talks between the two countries, Kim Jong-un said he wants to create a new history between the counties.

Angela Cho said she watched his address and couldn't believe she was hearing these words come from the North Korean leader.

"I was watching and I was like, 'Is it the same man?'" said Cho.

Cho grew up in South Korea and moved to the U.S. in her early 30's to study. While her homeland was a free country, Cho said it never felt like they were because they were always living in fear of an attack from North Korea.

"We were always scared," said Cho.

For her family, those fears came to fruition when her uncle was kidnapped and taken to North Korea, never to be seen again.

"All of a sudden he disappeared and there were a lot of young men, a lot of young men just got kidnapped and never returned," said Cho.

Cho said she hopes that Kim Jong-un's words hold true, and that he is genuine in his wishes to pursue peace between the two countries.

"I am pretty optimistic about it, at the same time I am skeptical of Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, because we all know how horrible he has been," said Cho.

Cho said while many people are shocked, she is not -- people on both sides of the border have wanted unity in the peninsula for a long time.