11-year-old girl sexually assaulted in department store restroom

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- A young girl was sexually assaulted in a department store restroom in Centennial, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office said.

A man has been arrested, but there is concern there might be be more victims.

It happened at the Marshalls department store at The Streets at SouthGlenn mall at East Arapahoe Road and South Vine Street.

The 11-year-old girl had gone to use the restroom when a man followed her in, investigators said.

It was Sunday afternoon when the sheriff's office said a 20-year-old man crawled into the stall the girl was using, exposed himself and made her touch him.

Investigators believe the man might have  assaulted other children in the metro area and parents might not know it.

“This type of crime may go underreported," sheriff's spokeswoman Julie Brooks said. "We’re dealing with juvenile victims. Juvenile female victims who might be reluctant to report because of embarrassment, because of fear.

"Whatever the case may. So, we do think there may be other situations out there this has occurred especially after making this arrest and working with the suspect.”

Deputies arrested Ethan Humphries of Denver in the case. At one time, sheriff's records show he lived just a mile from the Marshalls store.

Public records show Humphries had been arrested earlier related to theft and possessing illegal drugs.

Investigators also said he had threatened to kill himself.

“I think you have to know as a parent, you have to be extra cautious and accompany your child and perhaps maybe even stay outside the stall," parent Gayle Smith said. "You just have to be extra careful.”

Investigators wouldn’t say how they connected Humphries to the assault, nor would they say if the store had any surveillance cameras that might have helped them make the arrest.

Investigators say children will often show signs of assault, including a sudden change in behavior and excessive worrying or fearfulness.

Anyone who feels their child might have come in contact with Humphries is asked to call the sheriff's office.