Boys halt basketball game to kneel as funeral procession passes

FRANKLINGTON, La. — A photo of a group of teenagers playing basketball went viral not because of the game, but of what they did as a funeral procession passed.

Sisters Johannah Stroud and Lynn Bickham Bienvenu were part of the procession for their cousin, Velma Kay Crowe, WAFB reports.

The kids put down the basketball and took a knee as the procession passed. The sisters took a photo of the act.

“It was really impressive,” said Stroud. “It meant a lot.”

Bienvenu shared the photo on Facebook, and it has been shared hundreds of times.

There have been several comments with kind words for the boys in the photo.

“People are hungry to see good things and encouraging things,” Stroud said.

The boys reached out to family to express condolences for their loss and let them know it was their basketball coach who taught them the importance of taking a knee as a sign of respect.

“We don’t have to do great acts to show kindness, something simple as that or opening a door or being kind to someone, or respectful but it means a lot,” Stroud said.