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Annual 4/20 event brings thousands to downtown Denver

DENVER -- Several thousand people attended the annual 4/20 event at Denver's Civic Center Park Friday.

The rally was in full swing late Friday afternoon despite rain showers. People enjoyed live music near city hall and visiting a number of vendors situated around the park.

The pro-marijuana rally is happening despite serious problems that developed last year and almost caused the city to cancel the event.

Last year, there was trash and garbage all over the park after the event.

The event had ended at 8 p.m. but organizers failed to properly clean the park.

They blamed the homeless for going through the trash that had been collected.

Rally attendees also complained about long lines to get in and some crashed the fences.

The city pulled the permit from the rally's longtime operator. A new organizer, the Euflora dispensary chain, is now in charge.

"Last year they had 12 security guards. This year we have 90," festival organizer Bobby Reginelli said. "Last year, they had three entrances. This year, they have five with metal detectors and two lines.

"It's going to be completely different. It's going to be the most logistically planned-out event ever held at Civic Center Park.

"Last year was just underfunded. The organization didn't have support. Twelve security guards for 50,000 people, you do the math.

"They didn't have the contingency plan that we do. We are really overpreparing for this festival. We think it's going to be a home run."

The event includes 10 local bands, three main stages and music from the headlining acts Lil' Wayne, Lil' John and the Original Wailers.