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2 disabled trains on the RTD A Line near the airport removed, normal service resumes

(File Photo: FOX31 Denver)

DENVER –RTD said two disable trains on the A Line tracks near Denver International Airport were removed Friday night, about four hours after they first became disable after leaving the Airport Station.

RTD said full service was resuming on the A Line but delays were to be expected while the normal schedule resumed.

Earlier RTD recommended passengers who wanted to use the train to get to and from Denver International Airport find alternate transportation. The two disabled trains were on the tracks between the Airport Station and the 61st and Peña Station.

RTD operated bus shuttle service between those two stations while it worked to remove the disabled trains from the tracks. The bus bridge was canceled when regular service resumed.

RTD said that a train leaving the airport at about 4 p.m. “encountered something on the overhead wire that knocked the connecting pantograph down.” The same thing happened to a second train that departed from the Airport Station.

The pantograph is the apparatus which is mounted on the roof of an electric commuter train to collect power from the overhead electrical wire.