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Businesses near Pepsi Center see green amid Avalanche’s success

DENVER -- As the Avalanche continue its playoff journey, businesses near the Pepsi Center and throughout the downtown core have been benefiting.

Crowds of people in Avalanche jerseys could be seen Wednesday spending money before Game 4 of the playoff series against the Nashville Predators and loving their extended Denver hockey season.

“You can just tell the whole area is hopping and popping,” a fan said before Wednesday’s game.

That hopping and popping was visible at Brooklyn’s, one of the closest bars to the Pepsi Center.

“These, obviously, games that weren’t originally scheduled, so it’s just gravy for us,” Brooklyn’s manager Matt Bradshaw said. “The last few years have been pretty dry, and now this is great.”

Chain restaurants and locally owned establishments have been experiencing more customers leading up to the puck hitting the ice.