Inspector warns Florida business for flying military flags, gets in face of veteran

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A video from an employee went viral after he claimed the store he works at was given a warning for flying military flags on the roof.

News4Jax reports employees at Jaguar Power Sports say an inspector with the city of Jacksonville, Florida, went into the business Monday and issued a citation over the flags, saying they were in violation of city code.

Two U.S. flags, a Jacksonville Jaguars flag and flags representing each branch of the military are on the roof.

Surveillance video shows the inspector getting in the face of a customer, who was upset because he is a veteran.

“She says, ‘What did you do for this country?’ He says, ‘I took three bullets to the leg. I almost lost my life for this country. I’m retired. I’m a veteran.’ She gets in his face this close and says, ‘You did nothing for this country,” employee Katie Klasse said.

Another employee made a video to say what happened and posted it on Facebook. It has been viewed more than 5.5 million times.

After the incident came to light, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry wrote on Twitter that the flags should be allowed to remain flying.

He added county employees are expected to be respectful and that employee procedures will be reviewed.

Curry’s chief of staff, Brian Hughes issued a statement on the incident.

“We are disturbed by some of the claims made about a city employee and are reviewing the facts,” according to the statement.

“We are also reviewing the current ordinances regarding flags and signs to ensure accurate information was shared. The business was issued a warning and was not fined.

“Warnings are issued to provide property owners information about a possible violation, and corrective action.

“I have contacted the dealership and provided the owner with the mayor’s contact information for them to discuss directly.

“Mayor Curry and his administration respect and appreciate those in uniform who have served and continue to serve our community, and our country.”

On Monday night, Jaguar Power Sports posted another video on Facebook saying the city apologized for what happened and that the business got support from across the country.

Social media users and military veterans are still calling for the inspector to be fired.