Teacher rallies could continue in Colorado

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DENVER -- Hundreds of teachers rallied at the Colorado state Capitol on Monday, demanding more money for schools, and salaries and protection for pensions.

It was planned to be a one-day event, organized by the Colorado Education Association.

Other states, including Kentucky, have had walkouts that have shut down dozens of districts -- often for days at a time.

Some of those teachers have succeeded at persuading states to boost school funding.

"Certainly, when teachers walk out and a whole school district (Englewood) closed classes, that definitely has an impact and definitely gets people’s attention,” said Parker Baxter, the director of the University of Colorado Denver’s Center for Education Policy Analysis.

“From a public policy point of view, we teach our students to find ways to solve conflict without resorting to walkouts and strikes.”

Baxter does not believe Monday's rally will immediately lead to more and walkouts that affect dozens of district because it was essentially organized by a union.

He also points out, individual districts determine teacher pay, not the state. So even if the state provided more money to schools, it ultimately comes down to districts to decide how it's spent.

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