Claim of bomb onboard forces plane to return to DIA

DENVER -- A bomb threat forced a Salt Lake City-bound United Airlines flight to return to Denver International Airport late Sunday night.

According to a spokesman for the airline, Flight 570 made its way back to the terminal after a man on the plane attempted to open the exit door before liftoff.

Passengers on the plane said the man was "yelling incoherently," said he wished he hadn't been born in America and also claimed to have a bomb, FOX13 News Utah reported.

The man eventually calmed down after the pilot announced the plane would return to DIA.

Flight attendants reportedly guarded the man while he was in his seat during the ride back.

Shirt in tatters, the man exited the plane on his own and was met by law enforcement officers at the gate.

It's not known whether the man will face any charges.