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Woman shot and killed in Aurora neighborhood

AURORA, Colo. -- A shooting killed a woman in Aurora early Saturday morning.

Aurora police said they responded to the 900 block of South Iola Street at 4:30 a.m. on "report of an unknown problem." That's near East Kentucky Avenue and South Havana Street.

Police found two adult females at a vehicle on Iola. One of them had been shot. Both were taken to a hospital

The shooting victim died from her injuries. The other woman was not shot, and she was treated for minor injuries.

James Clinton heard the shooting from his apartment on Iola Street.

“I heard five gun shots simultaneously,” he says. “Then I saw the young lady laying on the ground, and another lady was trying to resuscitate her by giving her CPR.”

Clinton says he rushed down to the street to help, but by that point, an ambulance was pulling in.

“I wanted to help, but there wasn’t really anything I could do,” he says. “Nobody wants to be around this situation. Bullets don’t have names, so you could easily be a victim.”

He says the neighborhood is normally quiet and peaceful, but has been changing in recent months.

“I’ve been here 25 years, and it’s been the most quiet neighborhood I’ve ever lived in,” says Clinton. “But yeah, it’s starting to pick up, the violence.”

He says he was shocked to find out the victim was a woman.

“That makes it even worse, that somebody would shoot two females.”

“That’s cowardly,” says Josh Robinson, another neighbor. “Not good at all. It’s definitely sad.”

Investigators said they did not know what led to the shooting. They were looking for a suspect and did not have any suspects in custody.

Anyone with information can call Aurora Police Detective Fredericksen at 303-739-6106.