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West Denver neighbors want action to make intersection safer

DENVER -- Residents in a neighborhood near West Kentucky Avenue and South Federal Boulevard say they are worried more people will die at a dangerous intersection.

Accidents happen on the stretch of South Federal more often than in other parts of Denver.

Jessica Olivas' sister-in-law was killed at the same intersection last year.

“How many more people need to die before they fix the street?” Olivas said.

The problem is so bad, the city said improving traffic safety along South Federal is a high priority.

But help is needed now, said Susan Sotelo, whose daughter-in-law was killed at the intersection.

“I've seen people get hit by cars and I've seen accidents. Motorcycle accidents. Car accidents. It's just everything,” Sotello said.

The city said it's planning to change signals at a number of intersections to give pedestrians a head start and longer crossing times.

Upgrades to sidewalks and traffic signals are also in the works.

At the corner, a safer place for pedestrians to stand will be built.

The people who live in the neighborhood blame city leaders for a lack of progress.

Changes, they say, can't come soon enough.

Improvements along Federal and in other traffic hot spots are expected to take place over the next five years.