Remember trail safety with weather getting warmer

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DENVER -- Criminals know the element of surprise is in their favor.

Police in Layfayette say a man sexually assaulted a juvenile on Coal Creek Trail underneath the Highway 287 overpass on March 30.

Registered sex offender Johnny Harris is connected to two sexual assaults that occurred at the end of March as well.

Self-defense expert Brad Nicolarsen of the Kompound Training Center who also trains police officers says there are keys to survival.

  • Using common sense
  • Avoiding unsafe areas
  • Keeping your distance from strangers

"I want to be an arm's length away so you can't grab me by the throat, the shoulder or the wrist," he said.

Nicolarsen said if approached, keep your hands up and one foot back so you can pivot and run.

If you are grabbed by an attacker, Nicolarsen advises you break the grip by grabbing your arm and sliding it away, breaking free, and then running.

Experts always advise you exercise or walk outside during daylight hours in populated areas, bring a friend and let someone know about the route you're taking.

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